Flex-Core® Spatulas

The Anatomy of a Spatula

We’ve added a nylon core to the head of our silicone spatula, creating a spatula rigid enough to tackle heavy mixing jobs, yet still flexible on the edges to give you the perfect scrape.

1  Completely smooth surface for even spreading

2  Nylon core for added rigidity

3  Edges tapered to a sharp point to scrape sides clean

4  Ergonomically-shaped handle for a comfortable grip

The Flex-Core® Line-Up


Perfect for mixing,
folding, serving, spreading,
scraping and flipping

Blender Spatula

Long, slender design
to easily reach into
and underneath blender blades

Deep Spoon

Deep bowl measured 1 tbsp,
great for serving,
scooping, mixing and more


Offset head with shallow
bowl is perfect for all
your scooping needs

Jar Scraper

Long, narrow head reaches
into jars to scrape
every last bit

Mini Spatula
& Spoonula

Perfect combination and
size for all your small jobs
around the kitchen

Ergonomic Handles In 3 Different Styles

For the traditional chef

For the modern chef

For the sleek and stylish chef