Tovolo Up to Bat | July 27, 2017

A company that plays together, stays together. Or that’s what we believe here at Tovolo, anyway! And what better way to take a little break from the work week than to get out of the office for a little fun at the ball field! Team Tovolo went out to support our home team, the Seattle Mariners. Blue skies, baseball and good company…what more could we have asked for?! I’ll tell you…the food!

Safeco Field is known for its refined culinary options, so naturally, we had to eat as much as we possibly could! The most exciting and polarizing of the options are the new Chile-Lime Grasshoppers (also known as Chapulines) from Poquitos. Yes, those little things that hop around and sometimes make chirpy noises. They fry ‘em up and toss them in this tasty chile-lime salt delicious! Well, I thought they were delicious, but some of my fellow Tovolovians couldn’t get past the thin bug legs and crunch. Oh well, more for me then!

Poquitos also offered up these crispy, crunchy pork rinds with a velvety cheese sauce. I’m drooling just thinking back on them!

We also couldn’t resist some of the stadium staples: Cheeseburgers and veggie burgers from Great State, hot dogs with homemade chips, and of course, Safeco’s famous garlic fries! You can’t walk into this stadium without getting a big ol’ whiff of garlic that lures you in. There is no staying away, just look at the heap of garlic!! YUM! Probably good to keep a breath mint or two on hand for afterward.

All in all, not a shabby way to spend a summer day with Team Tovolo!